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Stat testing in StoryCreator

TUESDAY TIPS BY THOMAS: Stat Testing in StoryCreator

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How to conduct stat tests in Dapresy StoryCreator

To support the endless varieties of ways to apply and visualize a test for statistical signficance, Dapresy has one of the markets’ most flexible solutions for applying statistical testing in charts and tables. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples below.

Stat testing for time periods

Here, we see how a stat test is run over time. Each week is compared to the previous week. In this case, we chose to indicate the significance difference with arrows.

Statistical significance testing for time in charts in Dapresy's data visualization tool

Stat testing for brands

Below, we see another example that also shows data over time. However, in this example we do not compare to the previous week, instead we compare the brands to each other within each week. The plus sign (+) and minus sign (–) are now used to indicate the significance differences.

Statistical significance testing for brands in charts in Dapresy's data visualization tool

All featured charts are pulled from Dapresy’s StoryCreator, where you can conduct your significance statistical testing in an easy, flexible way.


Tuesday Tips by Thomas are prepared by Product Manager Thomas Palmér. He is a long-standing member of Dapresy’s Team and knows our platform inside out. The tips are designed to highlight features in Dapresy that make your market research analysis, insights and reporting even easier.

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