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So what?

Storytelling and data visualization…
So what?

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At Dapresy, we are very good at empowering our clients to communicate complex data in easy to understand ways. Our software enables this through the use of storytelling, and the use of infographics. Our free-form platform – which can be likened to a blank canvas that provides full creative freedom – facilitates the placement of data elements, text, visuals, etc. This allows you to tell your data story in way that is easy to understand for everyone – not just us data geeks.

There is no debating the value of data when it comes to driving business decisions. Data-driven insights are no longer a luxury, but an absolute must in order for your business to make the decisions needed to thrive, not just sustain.

Many decisions are often made by people outside of the research and insights areas. It is critical that these decision-makers fully understand what the data are telling them. Effective use of storytelling and infographics can help ensure that your stakeholders clearly understand and retain the data (that you worked hard to bring together). The impact will be more informed decision making, which should lead to better overall business performance. Further, it will ensure that market research and insights functions get the “seat at the table” we have been asking (begging?) for!

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Bob has been part of the Dapresy team since 2016, and is an expert in the field of market research. He is a busy and grateful father of two boys who enjoys engaging in a variety of fitness activities and listening to music.

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