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Extended Client Support

As a DIY (do-it-yourself) client using Dapresy Pro, you will be able to create and deliver a majority of your projects. There are times when the requirements are more complex than your team can handle. For those occasions, you can benefit from the resources offered within the Dapresy Pro Extended Client Support team.

Market Research Reporting Specialists

To support clients that use Dapresy Pro, we have created a global team of market research reporting specialists that can assist in utilizing some of the deep functionality native to the system. The majority of the team members have a history working in a various market research positions across the globe, so they understand the nuances and technical requirements unique to market research.

Your Production Partner

Working with our team is like dealing with your professional colleagues. You can “hit the ground running” since you do not need to explain the mechanics of market research. Many times, deadlines are tough and project situations are complex. By utilizing Dapresy as a production partner, you will minimize your risks. We have seen most of the complex situations before (we have been operating for more than 17 years) and can provide you with short-cuts and best practice advice.

A Variety Of Resources

Our expertise is divided into functional expert roles. Each of them focused on specific elements that normally are part of a complex project setup. Our Extended Client Support is a premium service that we offer worldwide with local teams operating from Sweden, UK, Germany, US, Canada and Australia. Depending on the scope of your project, our specialists can travel to your local office to discuss your specific needs.

Solution Architects

A solution architect sees the big picture. They are able to transform your business needs into concepts and concrete plans based on the capabilities of Dapresy Pro. Our solution architect is well versed with end user needs, data structures and the entire capabilities within Dapresy Pro. They bring this knowledge together to provide your team with a clear Requirement Specification Document stating how we will solve your project needs including timing, deliverables, risks and resources required. Normally a solution architect can assist you in the meetings with your teams (and often your clients) to assist explaining how a Dapresy Pro solution will work.

Meet Lars Norlén

Meet Lars Norlén

“As the Dapresy Pro specialist I am often brought into situations where things get highly complex. It can be anything from technical deep dives with a client to challenging setups in deliveries or even just think of smarter solutions for our everyday reporting.


I’ve been with Dapresy for more than 10 years which gives me the advantage of knowing all parts of the product and how it applies in many areas of the company. From early sales contacts to final deliverables.”

Graphic Designers

Once you agree with a project’s Requirements Specifications Document, our graphic designer will transform the specifications into meaningful designs and mockups that tell the story. It is then used as a design foundation, and together with Dapresy Pro, is transformed into an interactive, online dashboard, one that is dynamically connected to your data. A key role of our graphic designers is the ability to design images that speak to the heart and mind of the end-user.

Meet Michelle Chung

Meet Michelle Chung

“As a graphic designer at Dapresy, I work with designing digital mockups of dashboards. By using the data provided, my goal is to create a dashboard that looks visually engaging and is easy to understand.


There are many factors that make up a good design; layout, text, colors and icons. These all need to work together in order to make sense, yet look balanced. The end design should result in a visually engaging dashboard.”

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