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Implementing Dapresy Pro

Flexible Deployment Options

Whether you’re a small or large market research agency or a researcher at an enterprise, you need the right solution for efficient production & effective reporting. Dapresy was designed as a DIY (do-it-yourself) “drag & drop” market research reporting solution. It requires no programming and the vast majority of our customers’ analyst teams learn the system and begin to quickly produce cross-tables, PowerPoint decks and online dashboards.

There are three main deployment options to choose from:

  • DIY
  • DIY plus initial Dapresy Team involvement
  • Hire Dapresy Team

Key Reasons Clients Choose to fully Implement a
Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Deployment

Customers are asking for online dashboard delivery

As a market research agency, you are being asked to deliver data via an interactive online dashboard but using traditional BI tools don’t work since they don’t work well with, or don’t have market research data functionality.

Tracking projects require tedious, manual work

Your ongoing repetitive projects require a lot of manual work; loading of data, meta data manipulation, questionnaires changes, etc. You have identified the need to improve project gross margins to stay competitive.

Need to better communicate results to your organization

You have lot of market research data residing in silos and need a better way to distribute the right information at the right time to your organization in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

Project delivery model has quality control issues

Your project volumes have increased faster than you have been able to hire people. Delivery processes are not optimal and errors continually appear. Many of the processes are dependent upon specific individuals.

Need to modernize to stay competitive

You feel the market research business is undergoing changes and you need to modernize to stay competitive. You want to digitize your organization providing market research data reporting together with other data sources via both online and offline channels.


Need to encourage collaboration around MR findings

You want your organization to make faster, accurate decisions and share findings between each other to create a learning organization while eliminating PPT versioning problems.

DIY or Hire Dapresy Team

The below chart can help you determine if you should implement Dapresy Pro as an internal production tool or hire the Dapresy team to build your projects.

Are you looking to make your internal production more efficient?




If you are looking to decrease report production time by up to 40%, then the DIY solution is your best option. Dapresy provides a platform for efficient production and effective reporting that can eliminate tedious, time consuming, error prone manual production processes, while providing more visually appealing reporting.

Is your initial project simple or complex?




When initially starting with Dapresy Pro, the simpler your project, the more likely you can do it yourself. The more complex, you’ll need to enlist the Dapresy team. A simple project is normally one survey with basic reporting. A complex project can be an international customer experience portal with build-in triggers, alerts and feedback management functions.

When do you need your project?

Months from now

Next week

Time to plan, Create and Deploy:

If you have a simple project in mind and have time, you can do it yourself. The shorter time frame and the more complex your first project, consider hiring the Dapresy Team to assist you.

How technical are you?

Technical and knows about MR data well

Basic, more focus on client side

Technical knowledge:

The Dapresy Pro platform is “drag & drop” enabling anyone to visualize market research data either online, in Power Point or Excel without any programming experience. Those with basic skills can learn quickly. It is best to be an experienced Dapresy Pro user before building complex projects.

Do you have time to learn how to use the Dapresy Pro platform?

Lots of time and I can be focused

No time and parallel initiatives going on

Time to Learn:

Like any new skill, it´s important to set aside time to learn. If you don’t have time, you’ll probably want to hire a Dapresy Pro expert to help you with your first projects and then transition over the work to you and your team.

Our standard support is intended for Do-It-Yourself clients using Dapresy Pro to build your own reports and Dashboards.

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If you want to consider a Turnkey Solution where Dapresy builds for you, then visit our section “Client Consulting”  for more information.

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