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Implementing Dapresy Pro

Do It Yourself (or with a little help)

Dapresy Pro is a true DIY solution, an online platform that you can manage on your own or with your teams. Out of the box functionality gives you all the tools you need to deliver beautiful, informative dashboards – but when you need some more support on a project, or want to take things further, our experts are on hand, anytime, anywhere.


The easy and intuitive user interface lets you create beautiful stories or setup efficient PowerPoint and Excel production processes with just with a few clicks. Our platform is quick to learn – we offer an online university and 2-day onsite training, customized to your business needs.


Dapresy is a comprehensive platform covering a wide spectrum of business applications for Market Research. However, businesses change and grow – Dapresy Pro is uniquely flexible in adapting to the changing demands upon you and your business. When you need more capacity, we offer a range of services to help.


While Dapresy Pro is a comprehensive DIY platform, straight out of the box, sometime you may need extra resources to get the best results. We have service teams in USA, Germany, UK, Australia, and Sweden – experts in both Market Research and Dapresy Pro that can make your reports shine.

Key Reasons Clients Choose to fully Implement
a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Deployment

Customers are asking for online dashboard delivery

As a market research agency, you are being asked to deliver data via an interactive online dashboard but using traditional BI tools don’t work since they don’t work well with, or don’t have market research data functionality.

Tracking projects require tedious, manual work

Your ongoing repetitive projects require a lot of manual work; loading of data, meta data manipulation, questionnaires changes, etc. You have identified the need to improve project gross margins to stay competitive.

Need to better communicate results to your organization

You have lot of market research data residing in silos and need a better way to distribute the right information at the right time to your organization in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

Project delivery model has quality control issues

Your project volumes have increased faster than you have been able to hire people. Delivery processes are not optimal and errors continually appear. Many of the processes are dependent upon specific individuals.

Need to modernize to stay competitive

You feel the market research business is undergoing changes and you need to modernize to stay competitive. You want to digitize your organization providing market research data reporting together with other data sources via both online and offline channels.


Need to encourage collaboration around MR findings

You want your organization to make faster, accurate decisions and share findings between each other to create a learning organization while eliminating PPT versioning problems.

Work with us!

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how Dapresy Pro can best help you and your business – why not get in touch?

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