Current page: The Need for Speed. How Dapresy helped Aimia cut the time from question to action

The Need for Speed. How Dapresy helped Aimia cut the time from question to action

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About Aimia

Aimia is a global leader in loyalty management, offering a full suite of services including coalition loyalty, proprietary loyalty, and loyalty analytics. It owns and operates some of the world’s biggest and most popular coalition loyalty programs, including Aeroplan in Canada (partners include Air Canada, TD, CIBC, AMEX, Esso, Home Hardware, and Toyota) and Nectar in the UK (partners include Sainsbury’s and BP).


The Challenge

As one of the world’s largest operators of coalition loyalty programs, Aimia has a specific challenge – how to gather the most comprehensive, detailed data from a varied range of sources and quickly create actionable reports for stakeholders within the partner businesses. Since the prime purpose of a loyalty program is to ensure, well, loyalty, it’s crucial that stakeholders are made aware of any issues in the shortest time possible. They need to be proactive, not reactive.


Before Dapresy

Prior to using Dapresy, Aimia were using conventional business intelligence tools. While these were great for some purposes, they lacked the flexibility required to take research tracking to the next level. As an example, 3 research trackers for Aeroplan (whose millions of members collect miles to earn rewards) were generating an enormous amount of data each month, based upon a combined 7,000 consumer interviews.

Handling and interpreting this huge data set was causing headaches. There were a massive number of variables, with numerous brands and multiple questions – each affiliate company had different interests and requirements from this data. The challenge? To turn this insight goldmine into something that added genuine business value.


Big data, big problems?

The problem with big data is that it can lead to big processing requirements – conventional looped questionnaires create unstacked data sets that can quickly become unmanageable, with every brand and question increasing the file size by a multiple and also increasing the risk of errors. The hours required to maintain these files can create a bottleneck which radically increases latency – information simply cannot get to the end-user in time for them to make a swift, well-informed business decision.

Compounding Aimia’s problem was the sheer variety of end user needs – every department and every stakeholder required different, customized reports. The amount of time to try to meet these demands was becoming a huge drain on human resources.


A beautiful solution

To find a solution to this problem, Aimia partnered with Ad Hoc Research, the administrator of Dapresy’s visual business intelligence dashboards that were ultimately used with Aeroplan’s trackers. Dapresy Pro is different from conventional BI tools. Since it can handle both stacked and unstacked data sets with minimal configuration, data from a wide range of sources can be incorporated into the system. Furthermore, dashboards and reports can be intuitively and quickly set up for each end user.

”We’ve partnered with Dapresy for several years now and have a great spirit of collaboration with the Dapresy design team, which is very responsive and willing to share tips to build superior dashboards…When you have a challenge in presenting data in a certain way, Dapresy is a powerful tool that is highly flexible.”

Michel Berne, Partner & Co-founder, Ad Hoc Research

For example, using the ‘My Stories’ feature, stakeholders can create folders for the monthly tracking studies and then select specific page views they want. They can then edit the data presentation and add each edited slide to this custom folder, adding as many slides as they need to tell their story. All of these custom slides automatically update with each new wave of monthly data. These slide sets can be viewed online, or can be easily downloaded to PowerPoint as required.

This allows beautiful reports to be configured on the fly, meaning that the end user, rather than market research, can fine tune the way the data is presented, quickly and efficiently. Transferring report creation to the stakeholder means that they’re no longer reliant upon information to be presented to them but can instead manage their own workflows more much efficiently.

“As soon as someone new at Aimia sees a Dapresy dashboard they can’t help saying ‘Wow!’. They talk about the flexibility they have to get exactly the information they want in a manner that is both intuitive and visually pleasing.”

Audrey Paradis, director of Aimia’s Market and Consumer Research team

Marketing, account managers for Aeroplan partners, and strategy and business development managers all have a different use for the information. Previously, the sheer scale of the research meant that it was impractical to prepare custom reports for each. Fortunately, Dapresy is intuitive enough for most to serve themselves with exactly the information required to take timely action.

These dashboards and reports don’t just allow stakeholders to access the relevant information – they also allow that information to be presented in a beautiful, visually intuitive format, repopulated as and when the source information is updated. By cutting the time from question to action, Aimia and their partners can now respond faster than ever.



  • Aimia’s Marketing and Account Management teams now have timely versions of tracker results to discuss metrics and trends internally.
  • By quickly understanding vital signs of business, the company can take appropriate actions when necessary.
  • Intuitive design enables Aimia to ‘self serve’ dashboard views so that individuals within different departments can quickly access the exact information they require to do their jobs via filters, cross-tables and verbatim analysis.
  • Online dashboards enable timely data updates across the company.
  • One-click exports enable Aimia team members to obtain custom reports in the format they desire.

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