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The Power Behind the Pictures: Market Research Reporting

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At Dapresy, we often focus on how easy it is to create compelling stories from your data, especially when it comes to complex market research reporting. However, what is it that makes this possible? Obviously, a good user interface really helps, but something else that sets Dapresy Pro apart is the ingenious design of its internal database.

Market research data is among the most complicated type of business data for any system to understand, due to features such as weighting, hierarchies and multiple response questions. Most of my colleagues at Dapresy, like me, have come from the market research industry, so we understand the issues perfectly. It is why we have spent years creating features to make managing this kind of data as easy, efficient and error-free as possible. So, for example, where you have routing in your questionnaire, the database automatically knows that the base size is different – you do not need to waste time creating additional definitions just to get the base right. Similarly, if you want to report on the top two brands throughout your study, there are standard features to let you set that up across your project in a few moments.

Going Behind the Scenes of Market Research Reporting

Underneath all this is a database capable of holding hundreds of millions of data points that are queried in real time whenever a dashboard is displayed or a user selects a drill-down option. It means that Dapresy Pro does not limit the user over what they can query, unlike solutions that rely on pre-aggregated tables or cubes of data. It also means if there is ever a need to cut a dashboard a different way, it is simply a matter of adding that drop-down choice into the dashboard. As there is no need to rebuild the database, new options and even new dashboard views are added in minutes, not days.

This flexibility also applies at the time the database is populated with data. Dapresy Pro lets you upload your raw data directly from most survey research data collection systems. There’s no need to reformat your data, and Dapresy Pro will correctly set up your variables automatically, so you are immediately ready to start creating your dashboard.

If you have other types of data, Dapresy Pro will still work easily with them too. This means you can enhance your reporting with data from additional sources, either held internally or from outside the business – for example from social media or syndicated research such as Kantar’s TGI.

All this automation enables you to devote your time to extracting the story from the market research data and conceptualising your dashboard, rather than wasting time on the boring stuff, like checking calculations and base sizes, or reformatting your data.

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Marc has over ten years experience at companies providing research or technology-related research services. As director of Dapresy UK, Marc is passionate about the opportunities he can bring to businesses to unlock insights and drive actions from their data assets.

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