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Top 3 Trends at Research & Results

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Last week we attended the Research & Results event for the fifth time. Held in Munich, it was certainly the “place to be” for all things market research, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations. The program was filled with brilliant workshops on a variety of market research related topics.

We made sure to keep notes and now share with you the top 3 trends that we discovered:

1. Technology Enabled Research

Technology continues to develop and thrive in the MR field. It aids market researchers with new ways of both collecting and analyzing data. Eye-tracking, AI-based data preparation and multi-source reporting are only three of an abundance of new technologies mentioned. All of these help market research organizations on their road to digital transformation.

2. Democratization of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technologies based on AI are on the rise and will be available to everyone virtually in the next ten years. Automating insight generation will not only save the MR industry a lot of time and money – it also offers the opportunity to analyze data in a way that was never possible before. At least 14 workshops at Research & Results were related to the topic. Gapfish spoke about emotional AI in advertising research, whereas Linkfluence discussed AI-driven social data intelligence – just to name two.

3. Customer Experience

CX continues to be further discussed and pushed forward, maintaining its position as one of the top trends in the MR industry. While our client management consult spoke about the implementation of a comprehensive customer management system to drive customer loyalty in their workshop, we received a lot of positive feedback on our new technology integration partnership with Nebu.

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