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Use moving averages to transform short-term results to long-term trends with a click

In tracking surveys, a “moving average” calculation is usually applied to trend reporting. This is done to view long-term trends and avoid too many fluctuations in the result, which appear when base sizes are too low. For example, it is applied when reporting on a weekly level and drilling down into a specific segment.

Moving Averages in Dapresy

Many tools on the market require a lot of data manipulation to achieve this. However, in Dapresy, the calculations are entirely automated as long as the respondents have a response date in the data file.

The Dapresy moving average function is quite dynamic – any kind of moving average can be applied to any interval. As an example, you can apply a 4-week moving average in a weekly trend chart, since you’re looking at short-term trends. Alternatively, you can use a 13-month moving average to view more long-term trends. Of course, you can also combine multiple moving averages in the same chart to view both short and long-term trends simultaneously.


Take a look at the example below. A 3-week moving average is applied, as is indicated by the time spans of the week labels. Should you prefer your labels to look differently, you can adjust that as well as many other settings, allowing you to visualize results based on your needs and preferences.

Chart with moving average in Dapresy
IMAGE: Chart with moving average in Dapresy


Setting up in Dapresy

Below we see how easy it is to apply a moving average calculation to a chart or table in the StoryCreator module. You simply need to check a few boxes, no advanced scripting or data manipulations necessary.

setting up moving average in Dapresy
IMAGE: Moving average settings in Dapresy


Tuesday Tips by Thomas are prepared by Product Manager Thomas Palmér. He is a long-standing member of Dapresy’s Team and knows our platform inside out. The tips are designed to highlight features in Dapresy that make your market research analysis, insights and reporting even easier.

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