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Turning data into action – fast

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Traditional market research has relied on a circuitous series of steps to produce meaningful, actionable reports for stakeholders. Dapresy Pro offers a series of tools which completely reimagine this process, getting the right information to the right place – efficiently, quickly, and beautifully.

How is Dapresy Pro different?

Dapresy Pro provides a unique data model that is specifically customized for market research data structures. Our simple user-access allows analysts to view raw respondent level data which provides a wide range of capabilities when reporting and generating guided analytics. At any time during the reporting process, you can always access the raw data.

Drill down into the data with powerful filters

By using global filters, analysts actually create fewer reports and dashboard views, minimizing the work needed to deliver a project quickly and accurately, while providing end-users more flexibility. End-users can quickly filter results to view, for example, target groups, geographies and time periods. When building dashboards and reports you can apply filters either at an object level, for example on a specific chart or at the dashboard or report level, so all the results on a page are filtered. These two ways of using filters are often combined. The filters are easily applied via standard intuitive user-friendly interfaces and any categorical question in the survey can be used as a filter. If you have a requirement to apply a specific segmentation to your reporting that might not be specified in any single survey question, these can easily be created by computing new variables which then are used as filters.

Hierarchical Filters Automate Comparisons

Hierarchical filtering is most often used in projects where the reporting follows the organizational structure of a company, for example, in employee research and customer satisfaction projects. By using a hierarchical filter structure, it is easy to add automated comparisons to results between different levels in the organization. For example, each manager at a team level can have their results benchmarked to their relevant business unit results, the overall company results and so on. The hierarchical filter structure makes it very efficient to set access rights to different units. The hierarchical filter structure is easily derived from the raw survey data in a user-friendly interface. The structure can be changed in ongoing projects, units can be moved or deleted in the structure and the access rights of the users can at any time be updated to correctly reflect changes in the organization.

Automate Report Versioning

The automated PPT and PDF exports can be based on the cascading structure of the hierarchical filter. This provides the ability to easily create hundreds (or thousands) of PPT/PDF reports with a few clicks creating, for example, a single report per unit with each unit compared to all of the relevant levels in the structure.

What’s next?

At Dapresy we’re justifiably proud of our dashboard-based reporting solution, but if there’s one thing we do know, it’s that one size never fits all. For some of our partners, the full Dapresy Pro solution might offer more functionality than they actually need for quick, ad-hoc report production. With that in mind, we’ve been working on something radically new – just for you…

Check out next month’s newsletter, when we’ll be announcing a whole new way to make your data beautiful.

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