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Only Dapresy Pro offers deep functionality to support all types of market research projects – all in one platform.  Whether your focus is on brand and marketing, customer experience and/or syndicated research or if you specialize in verticals such as healthcare, finance, retail or hospitality, our solutions enable organizations to act on their data – faster and with greater confidence.

Ad Hoc

Streamline Ad Hoc survey report production by using our built-in template library. Easily create & save templates to be reused in your other projects. Efficiency gains up to 40% are documented.

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Brand Tracking

Integrate time-series survey data with other data streams such as sales, social media & advertising spend to create one chart or dashboard view. Automatically update reports with each new wave of data.

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Customer Experience

Create engaging customer experience portals tailored to your needs. Start with a simple dashboard, then add “closed-loop” feedback and further enhance with text analytics – all in one view.

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Employee Experience

Create reports that show group results in context. Compare across department scores, company averages and industry benchmarks. Control access to data on individual and question level.

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Mystery Shopping

Create more effective reports by combining survey results with mystery shopping videos or images to show cause & effect of different behaviors – all in one dynamic dashboard.

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Our efficient In-memory technology generates millions of unique report options from large data sets in a matter of seconds. Easily deploy visually engaging unique dashboard access to different stakeholders.

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