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Ad-Hoc Reporting

Gain up to 40% time savings through production efficiencies

Dapresy Pro offers specific market research functionality for a wide variety research types and industry verticals. Our solution is an effective, very popular production system for small, medium, or large ad hoc projects. The key components that enable efficiencies are the Icon & Templates Library, the Cross Table Tool and easy export capabilities to Excel and Power Point.

Template Library

Dapresy Pro comes with a library function. When you first create a report object, a slide or a full report, you can decide if you want to store them as a proprietary template. The next time you do a similar report, you just import your template, connect the new variables via a simple Wizard and the report is done.

Report in PowerPoint/Excel

Filters can be automatically applied to your reports providing the ability to produce individual report sets. For example, quickly generate a report that needs to be replicated across multiple countries. Export to PowerPoint or Excel. For large jobs, our report scheduler engine allows you to “fire off” a report job to automatically generate 1000´s of unique reports.

Add Value with Online Reports

Provide a competitive advantage by providing clients access to online reports positioning you as a modern provider. Easily publish to individual users as providing them the ability to explore the data. Online publishing allows you full user access control to data and functionality and hierarchical filters ensures the right person gets the right data.

Templates for Objects, Slides and Complete Reports

Our Templates Library contains an ever-growing set of templates for charts, tables and dashboards. The use of templates enables fast setup of reports eliminating the need to start from scratch. Each template can be modified as needed to meet the unique requirements of the specific report.


Users can also create their own proprietary library of reporting templates – accessed only by their company users. Quickly add attributes to your proprietary objects; categorize by purpose, vertical or application for easy retrieval. For example, an enterprise might have a very specific way in which they want to report on demographics which can be saved as a proprietary template for easy reuse.

Icons & Shapes

Dapresy Pro has more than 2,000 objects, icons and shapes built into the system to speed up the build process and facilitate visually engaging reporting. Our “free form” data placement allows an infinite variety of data visualizations to support customer journeys and other non-traditional data views. Each icon and shape can be connected to a data variable and behave accordingly. For example, an icon or shape can change color based on a % value. An icon can be partially filled based on a % value for better visual impact. Or a data point can be placed on any picture adding instant relevance.

Automate to Gain Efficiency and Quality

Dapresy offers a wide range of meta data transformation, cleaning and recoding of data and weighting with single or multiple weight matrixes applied. Each data set can have one or several weights created by the import process.


Easily export data from Dapresy Pro into SPSS (for example) to get input for creating a data map or label syntax when redoing a survey. Dapresy Pro generates a unique “meta data map” which is automatically applied to each new wave of a study, significantly decreasing the manual labor for this tedious and time-consuming process.


To reduce reporting time, create reports in parallel with fieldwork by uploading a small data set into Dapresy Pro. When field is closed, replace the small sample data set with the final data set. Dapresy Pro automates the entire process of recodes, weights and applies meta data transformation. A comprehensive report package can be ready in just a few hours after fieldwork has been closed.

How Dapresy’s Flexible Reporting Enables MMR Research Associates’ Clients To Identify Business Trends, Take Action Faster

“The Dapresy team helps us empower clients while simultaneously freeing up their time to focus on strategic matters. Dapresy offers comprehensive and flexible software reporting for all of our ongoing client research needs – and what they can’t provide immediately, they create quickly.”.

Key Features

Some of the specific functionalities that make Dapresy Pro perfect for Ad Hoc reporting:

  • Define companywide processes to standardize and speed report production thereby reducing reliance on individual performance
  • Create central reporting templates that can be reused to save time and increase quality
  • Go from raw data to tables and reports in minutes – while maintaining the raw data connection – for increased flexibility when changes are required
  • Clean and weight data directly in Dapresy Pro eliminating the need to run weighting scripts in separate software
  • Create master projects to reuse previous work saving time and avoiding repetitive tasks
  • Create a central repository of all your Ad Hoc projects that users can easily access

Demo of the Brexit dashboard

The Global Research Business Network conducted a public poll on British resident who voted in Brexit. Here is the dashboard Dapresy enabled them to create.

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