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One Powerful Platform for Brand and Advertising Tracking

Different markets contain different brands and different ads. As a result, brand trackers typically contain hundreds of data points – a real challenge when you want to quickly communicate this data in multiple ways, to multiple stakeholders – all of whom want clear, elegant, actionable reports – tailored just for them.

Reduce production time and costs, making the complex simple – letting your teams quickly review progress and drill down when deviation occurs. With new ads and data continuously flooding in, it’s crucial to have effective, automated reporting if that data is to be productively used, not just gather dust.


Tracking studies change frequently over time, with multiple markets, brands and ads. Throw in media investments, sales figures, and behavioral data…and you’ll need a truly flexible solution if you’re going to cope. Dapresy has native functions to manage both meta data and data processing, with charts and tables calculated on the fly, plus reporting functions that provide overviews, trends and benchmarks on an aggregated level. Dynamic filtering permits multiple views from a small set of metrics, while chart and table tools allow granular inspection at the raw data level.


Dapresy uses drag’n’drop to easily transform complex data into beautiful storytelling dynamic dashboards – no programming required. Build everything from infographic-style KPI dashboards (for the big picture) to more detailed chart and table reports, for when your users really need to drill down. Move infographics around and the data will follow, keeping users engaged and your insights relevant. Combine charts, tables, graphics, and comments together for genuinely customized, personal insights. Use our library of over 2000 icons and infographics or import your own – our color management feature lets you align to your brand with just one click.


Quickly and easily distribute dashboards and reports across the organization with individualized access, to give users what they need in a beautiful, insightful and relevant way. With dynamic filtering you can allow users to access the information they need without having to produce hundreds of PowerPoint slides. If a PowerPoint presentation or PDF is required, export is easy – slides can also be saved to their own personal report library. Dashboards can be shared on laptops, tablets, and mobile.

How LRW Delivers Efficient Brand Tracking Through Dapresy

Discover why, after reviewing many potential solutions, LRW chose Dapresy as a new consolidated reporting platform for its tracking studies.

Dapresy – a proven ROI

We eliminate many of the tedious steps in traditional data cleaning, automating processing and checking so that you can deliver insights faster and with higher quality. Our clients are realizing real savings.

Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW), a global insights firm, claims a 40% reduction in time spent on back-end production – a huge benefit and competitive advantage to their organization.

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