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Don’t just identify problems – solve them!

Dapresy Pro’s dashboards let you convey the results of customer experience programs to different stakeholders in different ways. With Enfesys™, Dapresy’s innovative closed-loop management module, you can turn customer feedback data into clear, results-driven solutions. Automatically trigger actions based on surveys, customer comments or sales metrics, or simply notify staff when a KPI exceeds a defined threshold. Fully customizable, allowing you to focus on your customer’s needs.


A Closed-Loop Solution for Bugaboo

Discover how Blauw Research pointed Bugaboo to Dapresy, the software provider of a new Voice of the Customer platform with a closed-loop feedback capability.


Why settle for ‘one-size-fits-all’ when you can have a solution tailor-made for your organization? Daprey Pro is fully customizable, letting you create multiple status boards for different users and workflows. Incorporate alerts, management, and follow-up of individual customer cases, sending data to CRM tools or survey tools as a sample for a follow-up survey. Enfesys uses triggers to identify events, such as unsatisfied customers. These triggers can be filtered, applying to just part or all of the data set. Use different triggers for different parts of the company or for different customer types. Event status boards let you stay on top of customer events.


Enfesys automatically emails users when relevant activities occur. You can define triggers, thresholds, content, and schedules, all fully customized to the individual recipient. Direct links can be embedded – go straight to the relevant report and act on the information quickly and efficiently. Enfesys also lets the user view customer details, enter findings, and create actions based upon feedback.


With Dapresy’s StoryTeller module, event data is stored along with survey data, allowing you to easily report and analyze actions and findings. With multiple filters and views, you can drill down to the information you really need, empowering managers to identify and solve problem areas, providing feedback to staff and generate action plans in the Enfesys module. Enfesys allows you to not only log actions and outcomes, but also assign or escalate cases, producing alerts if the case is not resolved within a timeframe. Relevant cases can be saved into an experience database, providing reference solutions for other users. Customer data can be automatically scheduled for export into Excel/CSV for further analysis or incorporation into CRM systems.


An example of NPS with Car Fix

Access the demo of the dashboard which enables CarFix managers to not only regularly monitor customer feedback, but to act on it, too.

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