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Customer Experience

Mastering stakeholder unique views with built-in feedback management

Many global brands are deploying Dapresy Pro for their customer experience reporting to provide visually engaging customer experience portals. Start with a simple customer satisfaction dashboard, add “closed-loop” feedback to act upon customer issues and integrate findings from text analytics – all in one view. Dapresy Pro supports comprehensive hierarchies and user access controls, so you can easily distribute 1,000’s of unique reports to stakeholders.

Tailor relevant unique views by stakeholder

Various levels in your organization require different granularity of information and access to the data. Dapresy Pro delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Quickly add Alerts and Feedback

Create rules that trigger events to alert stakeholders on deviations in data or unhappy customers. Users can enter feedback on action steps right into the dashboard.

Provide context with benchmarking

Internal benchmarks are powerful when shared within a report. Compare vs. best-in-class, above or below in the hierarchy or versus previous time period.

Get the “Big Picture” with Global Views

Easily define the interactive journey for your stakeholders. Provide easy-to-understand global views to quickly view customer health. Use filters to quickly show different categories or customer types. Click on an item to drill down and analyze details. Export different views to PDF or PowerPoint.

Act on Customer Feedback in one Powerful Platform

  • Engage Users to take action
  • Monitor and act on feedback
  • Create a closed-looped process


Visualize Complex Information to Provide Easy-to-Understand Views

With Dapresy Pro, everyone in your organization can receive reports that feel like they were “made for them”. Design reports in a flexible and interactive way that lets you to create “cause and effect” views that guide users on their journey to understanding how to improve customer satisfaction.

Provide Focus with Indicators and Drill Down with Filters

Dapresy Pro lets you create conditional formatting to set indicators that make sense for your organization so users can focus on the areas that provide the most value. Freely choose any type of graphical object and color to indicate the scenarios you want your stakeholders to focus upon.

Let Your Analysts Do Their Own Analysis

Dapresy Pro has a fully integrated cross table tool the provides research analysts the ability to generate sophisticated tables to find the “golden nuggets” in the data. They can easily run stat testing, create their own variables, apply weights, correlations and so much more.

Create a Global Insights “Cockpit” in one Powerful Platform

  • Combine KPI’s to manage entire experience
  • Highlight good and bad results
  • Drill down into country specifics
  • Create specific access controls


Deploy Relevant Documents within Your Dashboard

Integrate additional documents within your customer experience portal. Connect documents to the different hierarchies in your structure and automate access to these based on user credentials.

Feedback Management

The highly configurable Dapresy Pro platform allows you to create processes that are tailored to organizational needs and enhance user engagement. Dapresy is a complete closed loop platform where you can enable two-way communication with the people accessing Dapresy Pro reports. This two-way communication allows the ability to write information back into the Dapresy Reports through custom lists or feedback forms. For example, this can be used when dealing with case management or, knowledge sharing and best practice approaches. Dapresy Pro connects to the most common survey platforms providing flexibility to set up a variety of different data sources for one easy view for dealing with feedback and activities related to your research programs.

Engage with Augmented Reality in one Powerful Platform

  • Visualize each touchpoint
  • Personalize each page to user
  • Easily drill down into specifics


Key Features

Some of the specific functionalities that make Dapresy Pro perfect for Customer Experience:

  • Support for scheduling data imports from FTP or a data collection system for frequent data updates.
  • Smart logic automatically handles changes in user access rights based on organizational changes
    • For example, new units are added to the company, units are merged or units are removed
  • Benchmark rules automatically compares departments to the relevant unit
    • A team can automatically be compared the relevant Business Unit, Business Sector and the company
    • Smart access rights provide a country manager access to all country units to handle changes on a lower level automatically
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