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Employee Experience

Deliver results while ensuring strict privacy

Employee research has unique confidentiality demands. Dapresy Pro supports all the functionalities required for a professional employee research platform. Our native functionality provides the ability to create one standard report that you can easily distribute to multiple managers while limiting the data and functionality permissions given to each manager. Easily hide series with low base size and sensitive questions, provide benchmarks and export to PDF, all activated with point and click operations.

Maintain Anonymity through rules

Use positive and negative shares to avoid the risk of revealing individual responses. Report data only where the base size is big enough for the selected segment.

Make on-demand organizational changes

Dapresy Pro supports on-demand changes of organizational structures. Any employee reporting structure changes are easily managed. The system seamlessly makes the changes and automatically updates the reports.

Hide sensitive topics by controlling data access

Provide managers access to the data but limit their ability to view, for example, questions related to stress, sexual harassments or bullying – only the appropriate HR manager will view that sensitive data.

Provide Effective HR Management

Dapresy Pro provides the ability to report data from HR studies as both case and aggregated data. You can easily generate unique reports based on organizational structures that can be a combination of hierarchical and matrix structures. For example, this allows reports to be customized for an individual group manager showing the people they manage. The same respondent can also be part of a global matrix report, for example, IT/support or Procurement, etc. The flexibility that Dapresy Pro offers provides the HR department the ability to centrally control reporting and data access in a way that works with their organization and local policies.


Report Users can further customize with the MyStories module. Easily filter and save customized reports views into a personal report library that automatically gets updated each time new data is available. For example, with MyStories a human resource manager can build an Executive Summary deck to present online during a meeting or download to PPT for email distribution.

Benchmarks Provide Context

You can easily combine employee research with other data, for example, customer experience feedback. This allows HR to relate employee insights to how other areas of the company are performing. For example, unhappy employees in the customer facing group of the company might help explain why customer experience feedback has been trending down. This provides context and gives a full 360-degree view.

Anonymity Rules Assure Confidentiality

Dapresy Pro’s native anonymity rules prevents you from showing results with small base sample sizes. Anonymity rules can be applied overall or at the object level. This means that on the same report page you can have one set of rules for a chart and another set of rules for a table. The rules can be set per induvial chart/table which makes it possible to use higher limits in sensitive areas, for example, bullying and sexual harassment. You can easily cluster answers into logical groups. For example, instead of showing a 10-point scale question you can easily group into Negative (1-4) Neutral (5-6) and Positive (7-10), according to your preference.

Update Organizational Structures
“On the Fly”

Organizations are always changing and you can easily manage the changes in Dapresy Pro. Individual employees can be moved between different departments and results are seamlessly updated and immediately reflected in the reports. When working with data from several rounds of employee surveys, the old structures can be easily mapped with new structures.

Create Employee Action Plans

Based on the results, managers can develop action plans to define goals to be achieved by each employee. The action plan is an integrated part of the reporting module and integrates seamlessly with the hierarchical structure.

Multiple Reporting Options

With Dapresy Pro you can select whether to publish the results online, provide the results as offline reports or a combination of both. The ability to export to PDF and PowerPoint is a powerful function in Dapresy Pro.

Secure Access

Use Single Sign On (SSO) technology to integrate your HR reports within your intranet. Dapresy Pro can read access rights from, for example, Microsoft Active Directory and replicate those. Once a user is logged in to the corporate intranet, they can access Dapresy Pro HR reports with no extra login and secure access assured to relevant information customized for their role.

Key Features

Some of the specific functionalities that make Dapresy Pro perfect for Employee Experience:

  • Hierarchical filter function allows you to replicate the company organization
    • Easily filter reports on a desired unit in the organization
  • Benchmark rules automatically compares departments to the relevant unit
    • A team can automatically be compared the relevant Business Unit, Business Sector and the company
    • Smart access rights provide a country manager access to all country units to handle changes on a lower level automatically
    • The hierarchical structure allows the creation of hundreds of PPT and PDF reports with a single click
  • Smart logic automatically handles changes in user access rights based on organizational changes