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Mystery Shopping Reporting

Create a complete experience by combining data with images, videos and dynamic content

Dapresy Pro has unique functionality specifically made for comprehensive Mystery Shopping software. Connect dynamic content to hierarchical structures enabling reporting of survey data together with images and video. Charts and tables can be dynamically and seamlessly presented together with images taken by a mystery shopper, easily grouped by the specific store. Open end responses, analyzed using a 3rd party text analytics tool, can be fully integrated within the report.

Comprehensive hierarchical structures

Easily replicate store organization structure with views; by store, region and country. Connect data, images, video and other content to each level in the Hierarchical structure. Add or remove stores with ease.

Live content, graphics and images

Stream Videos from YouTube within your dashboard. Combine relevant images that change based on filter selections. Complete the picture with quantitative data reported as tables, charts and/or dynamic infographics.

Alerts and Triggers

Take action when data deviates, such as when a scores report below the last 5-week average. Instantly notify the store manager with an email linking to a result. The manager can enter corrective actions that have or will be taken.

Provide Mystery Shopping Reporting

Dapresy Pro can visually replicate the store environment to create visually engaging, effective reporting.  In the example above, a transportation company used a schematic view of a bus interior to better communicate damages by dividing the areas of the bus into different segments. By changing filters, buses can be viewed individually or as a group to show the aggregated results.

Enhance Reporting With Video

Use video streaming to store the mystery shopper comments and stream relevant video content to each stakeholder. Once Video has been watched, users can access categorical data and a cross tabulation tool for deeper dives into data on a line item level. The ability to combine “low and high” gives the Mystery Shopper report added value and benefits compared to traditional static reports in PDF or PowerPoint.

Easily Update Comprehensive Hierarchical Structures

Seamlessly identify the different organizational levels in the survey and automatically create unique report views. Each stakeholder can see their own unit and have the ability (if allowed) to compare their own results with best in class, average benchmarks or units with similar in store conditions.

Key Features

Some of the specific functionalities that make Dapresy Pro perfect for Mystery Shopping:

  • Schedule data imports, as frequent as hourly, from FTP or a data collection system
  • Automatically handle changes in user access rights and reports based on organizational changes (example: new shops are added or removed)
  • Comprehensive hierarchical filter functionality reflects the company structure
    • Easy interface for the users to find and filter the reports on specific shops
    • Set up relevant benchmark rules so each shop becomes compared to relevant aggregate results.
    • For example, a shop automatically be compared to the average of all shops in the same region and the total result of the whole company
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