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Syndicated Reporting

Build once, then generate 100’s of unique reports for production efficiency

Say goodbye to PowerPoint versioning headaches. Dapresy Pro lets you create one master report then distribute to individual users while controlling access rights to sub-sets of data, geographies, report pages and functionality. Easily create an entry level package and then grow the customer as they require more data. The powerful data management model in Dapresy Pro provides the ability easily react to changing survey questions and offer, as needed, specific survey results for individual customers.

Easily deliver unique views by customer

Automatically create 1000´s of reports based on a master set of report pages. Based on your settings, automatically and dynamically filter out data based on subscription levels.

Make on-demand changes to access rights

Create profiles that meet your unique business model and program requirements. The system seamlessly makes the changes and automatically updates your reports.

Comprehensive data management model

Easily react to changing questionnaires and local requirements. Built-in versioning of data sets allows the separate treatment of case data and meta data.

Visually Engaging Infographic Syndicated Reporting

With Dapresy Pro, you can efficiently build highly visual reports that can be dynamically accessed online or downloaded as PPT or PDF reports or Excel tables. Syndicated market research studies created in Dapresy Pro meet the toughest demands for design and pixel precision. Design the reports in a “drag & drop” environment giving you the flexibility of PowerPoint and the pixel precision of Photoshop.

Easily Create Custom Views Based Upon Your Data

Use any of the variables in your data to create filters or access points. Create custom variables, for example, to combine gender, age and household income to create buyer segments. The user can then filter the data as required.


Report Users can further customize with the MyStories module. Easily filter and save customized reports views into a personal report library that automatically gets updated each time new data is available. For example, with MyStories a product manager can build an “Executive Summary” deck to present online during a meeting or download to PPT for email distribution.

Global Controls Provide Easy & Immediate Updates

Global settings control question text, nets, filters, colors and much more. Update a central setting and all reports immediately reflect the latest configuration. Syndicated studies are constantly undergoing change. Dapresy Pro has native functions specifically designed for situations where you need to effectively update all user reports.

Extensive User Access Controls & Management

Different buyers will require different levels of granularity to the information and different access to data. Dapresy Pro makes it easy to provide each stakeholder with their relevant information. Once the user has logged in to your existing platform, use our SSO (Single-Sign-On) technology to provide a seamless user experience. The user will automatically be logged into Dapresy Pro with access to their purchased report.

Key Features

Some of the specific functionalities that make Dapresy Pro perfect for Syndicated:

  • The global dashboard and report filter logic provides efficient set-up.  Create a single dashboard that holds the entire syndicated data set, then provide user access rights based upon their purchased deliverable
  • Hierarchical filter functionality can set up relevant benchmark rules, so each user gets relevant benchmark values to the brand/segments they purchased
  • “Brand” filters (variable subsets) can be changed to give each user access to, for example, different brands in the same dashboard
  • “Dynamic images” allow individual layouts per brand or segment, for example, dynamically adding logos in the same dashboard

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