Current page: Using Visuals to Engage and Entice Participation in Market Research Reporting

Using Visuals to Engage and Entice Participation in Market Research Reporting

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The Science of Visuals Study

As Regional Director of a market research reporting software, I attend many conferences that focus on the market research industry. One particularly great event was the 2015 ESOMAR Conference in Singapore. While there, I had the pleasure of meeting Jon Puleston from Lightspeed GMI. At the time, Jon was analyzing the results of a collaborative study The Science of Visuals that Lightspeed GMI and the Digital Graphic Agency were conducting on the role of visuals in gathering and delivering research data.

With one look at the Dapresy website, you’ll see why this study interested me.  ‘Be Visual’ is a core foundation of our brand.

Drive Action with Data

I am a visual advocate, so I truly believe that market research data should be presented in a clear, engaging way. The study results highlighted the role that visuals play in helping an audience process information, motivate the audience to consume data and help memory retention. All three of these factors are critical in ensuring information is used and acted on properly.

I am often asked what my thoughts on dashboards are and what is the best way to use them. Every dashboard needs to be functional, and their use often differs by client and the data being presented. However, I feel that there is a common overarching role shared by all dashboards. In my opinion, a dashboard needs to drive the consumption of information by encouraging or enticing the user to interact with the data. If your users are engaged in the data, then they are far more likely to take action on the presented information. It’s simple: data that drives action is more valued than data that is just reported.

In today’s market, it’s very important to understand the role that visuals play in your market research reporting and how they help your audience consume information more efficiently.


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