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Our timely webinars cover a wide variety of topics to help you make your presentations the best they can be. Topics span technical issues, deployment strategies, best practices and more.

5 mins to Insights: The Power of Automated Ad Testing Dashboards

If you are creating reports for ad testing campaigns the traditional way, you’re missing an opportunity for major time savings. Dapresy has developed a reporting solution specifically for ad test reporting – visualizing your results in an online dashboard. By eliminating many of the tedious steps, not only does it increase efficiency, but it also […]

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Dapresy Knowledge Week

Dapresy Knowledge Week

30-min sessions of powerful learnings With the aim of gearing you up with knowledge, we’ve prepared a series of webinar sessions deep-diving into different skills and Dapresy features. Super compact, these 30-min sessions will give you the tools for deeper insights and more efficient reporting. 1. Insights for Business Growth – Time for a Skills […]

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Native PPTs Quicker Than Ever

Find out how to create native PPTs quicker than ever with the new Dapresy StoryCreator. Go through this step-by-step guide to get a better understanding of how to use Dapresy StoryCreator to build your decks efficiently. Topics covered include: Intro and value of Dapresy StoryCreator Creating decks User-friendly features that increase efficiency Exporting and editing […]

How to Grow Your Business Using CX

CX management is no longer a “nice to have”, it’s becoming an absolute necessity for businesses to thrive in the modern market. But where do you start? During our webinar “How to grow your business using CX” we went on a journey from the very first steps to gradually growing an end-to-end CX solution. Some […]

Adding real business value with dashboards

Successful dashboard implementation in market research Now an important part of everyday market research, dashboards enable the efficient handling of data – but what makes a successful dashboard? Which concepts are best suited for your study type? What are the potential preferences of your market research customers? In this webinar we’ll show how market research […]

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Create engaging market research dashboards that will wow your audience

Is your audience truly engaged with the insights you are sharing? Are these reports effectively answering marketing or customer objectives? Are the results making an impact on your business? If not, then you’re not achieving the full ROI on the research you are conducting.

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