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Dapresy Knowledge Week

Dapresy Knowledge Week

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30-min sessions of powerful learnings

With the aim of gearing you up with knowledge, we’ve prepared a series of webinar sessions deep-diving into different skills and Dapresy features. Super compact, these 30-min sessions will give you the tools for deeper insights and more efficient reporting.

1. Insights for Business Growth – Time for a Skills Revolution
2. Correlation Analysis: The Highs & Lows to Deeper Insights
3. Significance Testing: The Quick & Easy Way
4. Dashboard Creation: The Power of Templates
5. Data-driven Benchmarks in just a few clicks
6. How to Design a Meaningful Dashboard
7. Many Users, Just One Dashboard: Comprehensive Access Right Management
8. Helping our Clients Succeed via Project Services
9. Ad Hoc Reporting from A to Z
10. Step-by-step: From Data Source to Dapresy

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