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Why I Founded Dapresy – Creating a Better Way for Market Research Reporting

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The Creation of Dapresy Pro

About 20 years ago, I started my career in the market research industry at a fieldwork house. As a CATI programmer, I took pride in delivering data in files that were clean, easy to understand, and in a format, that was ready for an analyst to utilize.

Early on, I began using BI tools to create online dashboards for my clients. After many sleepless nights, I delivered my first project to a market research agency via a generic dashboard. Days later, my client told me they found the deliverable unusable.  They liked what I had tried to do – it was very innovative for that time. But in order for a tool to truly work well with market research data, it needed to be able to speak the language of market research. For instance, the right MR tool needs to have the ability to deal with not only one weight, but multiple weights, and it must be able to deal with multi-response questions, and so on. In addition, the right MR tool must have the same, if not better, visuals as PPT reports.

So, I tried again with another generic BI tool. My next dashboard came out better than the first, but it was far from perfect. There were certain components that were missing, and I had to use several workarounds in order to get the result that my clients wanted. These workarounds took time and money, and were still unacceptable.

After building several of these dashboards for my clients, I realized one thing: There was no software on the market that could specifically handle market research data. So, I decided to create Dapresy Pro, a cloud-based platform that’s sole purpose was to be the leading reporting platform for market research data.

Now, 15 years later, Dapresy Pro is one of the ‘best in class’ software solutions in our industry. With over 200 default features that are specifically designed for market research data, it is quickly becoming the researcher’s favorite tool.

What makes us different from other software on the market is that we are a complete solution.  As soon as the fieldwork is complete, you can immediately upload your raw data directly into the system. Additionally, you can pull data in from many of the popular survey programs, as well as social media, and other sources. You can then configure your data as needed. All processing, weighting, and custom calculations are done right in Dapresy Pro! From there, you can visualize your data your way and deliver the exact insights to the exact people you want.

Relentless Focus on Clients’ Needs

Over the years, I have learned that one of the most important things in our company is that we listen and adapt to what our clients need. In our client meetings, we listen to what types of specific functionality is needed in order to offer better support for their MR processes that enable them to be more efficient and effective.

Last Friday, I received a phone call telling me that Dapresy, as well as Kantar, Nielsen, and Universum, are one of the finalists for the 2017 MarC Award for being assiduous

over the last few years and for contributing to giving market research a meaningful place in society. This is very inspiring to see, especially since we are going to launch a new, revolutionary technology in 2018 that will change the way researchers will report and deliver market research data…. Stay tuned on this.

See A Live Dashboard Example Today

Have you ever seen a Dapresy Pro dashboard in use? Below is a short video of one of our latest ‘Solutions Showcases’ that highlights how Dapresy’s online dashboards can be used for different verticals and market research applications. Specifically, this example demonstrates how you can use Dapresy for customer satisfaction reporting. Watch the video below, and click here if you would like to speak with an expert today!


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